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Holistic Studio offers a variety of online courses, group workshops, career support and personalised mentoring for natural health students and professionals. 

All courses and workshops are uniquely designed to facilitate grass roots knowledge, energetic understandings, traditional and modern applications, modern scientific evidence and practical skills. 

  • Would you like to know more about traditional and energetic herbal medicines?
  • Have you always wanted to¬†learn more about constitutions and holistic case analysis?
  • Do you want to feel confident when treating individual presentations whilst developing personalised treatments that people¬†will enjoy doing?

You will develop a deep understanding and practical application of iridology, the humours, elements, temperatures, herbal degrees, tissue states, physical signs, astrological influences, constitutional types and more! You will be able to match an individual to a specific herbal, nutritional and lifestyle remedy.

Each course has a strong focus on understanding physiology, traditional approaches, holistic case analysis, plant chemistry, safety, ethics, toxicology and integrating all of this successfully into your clinical  experience.

Holistic Studio is dedicated to strengthening the Natural Medicine profession as a whole within the paradigm of modern healthcare.

Discover the dynamic world of energetics in natural medicine with herbalism, iridology and naturopathy.


Truly integrate the heart and wisdom of traditional natural therapies with the knowledge and understandings of modern science.


Confidently integrate traditional natural medicine energetics and constitutions into your clinical practice.

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Learn live or at your own pace

Holistic Studio courses are designed by request from practitioners and students to develop the unique skills offered by traditional medicine approaches. Each course is carefully laid out to provide a methodical and practical understanding of key elements and theories unique to Naturopathy and Herbal medicine. 

Tailor the courses to suit your lifestyle with detailed lessons, watch anytime webinars, live and interactive group discussions and professional community forums.

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Unique, interactive and informative.

Professional level CPE/CPD courses designed to support your practice skills.
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Herbal Energetics

Learn the in-depth art and science of western herbal medicines. Explore the balanced traditions and evidence of herbal medicines in a practical, informative, interactive and fun course.

Enrol anytime.

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Constitutional & Western Energetics

Discover the nature of the elements, temperament, energetic influences on the whole person as seen through Constitutional and Western Energetic Humoral Theory. Discuss cases and implement practical interventions with this interactive course.

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Foundational Iridology 

A thorough, yet practical introduction to the foundational aspects of Iris analysis. 

New course starts in May.

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Embody holism

Deepen your physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual understanding of energetics, mapped to scientific knowledge of today. Discuss practical techniques to implement easily. Enhance your clinical confidence with real cases. 

Build client rapport

Integrate understanding of your clients' natural motivations and restrictions to while enhancing their self awareness. Discover how to easily recognise therapeutic interventions to suit each temperament that people will enjoy and use immediately.

Professional courses

Suitable for all Qualified practitioners and final year students of natural medicine modalities. (See individual courses for more specific information). A prior understanding of physiology, ethics and natural medicine consultation skills are required for access.

Benefits of joining!

These courses are created for you based on request from practitioners



Professional educational courses

CPE applicable

  • Detailed¬†interactive module lessons x 6
  • Case based and exploration¬†based webinars x 3-4 each¬†module
  • Live discussion groups every month x 12
  • Professional community discussion forum
  • Optional practical projects
  • Presentation notes you can refer back to
  • Clinic materials
  • Network and connect with likeminded practitioners and students
  • CPE points
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Professional educational mentoring

CPE applicable

  • Group and Individual Mentoring options
  • Discuss cases, treatments and ideas with your colleagues
  • Interactive live discussion group
  • 24/7 access to community forum
  • Community forum available as part of a course, or with Round Table mentoring
  • Respectful, professional networking opportunity
  • Facilitated by Practitioner with 30 year experience in the profession
  • CPE points
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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, a Qualified Naturopath and Master Herbalist. I work with practitioners and students to support their understanding of traditional medicines and modern science to develop clinical confidence. As a mentor, I provide specialised education and create unique business models and ideas based on 30 years of experience.

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Holistic Studio is all inclusive with a focus on respect
for individual backgrounds, experience and preferences.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Jagara and Turrbal people. We extend our respects to all Elders, knowledge holders, traditional herbalists and healers who are past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded. Much respect.