Mentoring for natural therapy practitioners and students

Mentoring can be defined as a learning relationship that supports and encourages people to develop their own skills in a certain field. There are times in everyone's career where they can benefit from some support, a fresh pair of eyes, or a reliable well of experience and knowledge. 

A supportive mentor will harness your natural abilities and enable you to focus  on your chosen topics to get the most out of your time. I created my style of mentoring based on the requests from students who wanted to benefit from my naturally encouraging style of education. 

I bring a rich understanding of the profession and industry to each session. See the "about" page for more, but these sessions are not about me - I am purely there to facilitate your dreams and goals into actionable items. 

All sessions are available in-person or online at a time that suits your schedule. Be it early morning, evening, interstate or international, times and frequency is tailored to suit all lifestyles. 

Every one on one mentoring plan is designed specifically to suit your individual needs and I have three commonly chosen avenues for you to choose from.

Please enquire if you are interested a mentoring session to suit your needs. 

Career Discovery

A unique and deep process that unravels your individual talents, experiences, tendencies, designs, dreams and goals into a business idea that inspires you. This is a 4 hour in-person session or 2 x 2 hour online sessions. 

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Business Building

Once you are clear on your vocation, we develop a workable plan that suits your timeline, lifestyle and resources. Bring your ideas, dreams and goals into reality. Offered as a pack of 6 sessions or an as needed basis. 

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The Apprentice

Designed for students and practitioners who want to focus on a particular topic or review clinical cases. Offered as a pack of 6 sessions or an as needed basis. Offered as single sessions or consecutive sessions as needed. 

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Online and face to face career & educational mentoring

Technical, practical, theoretical, inspiring, relative information
grounded in traditional and scientific evidence. 



Discover your true vocation.

I am very excited to offer you a unique opportunity in one-on-one career mentoring.

My intention is to help you combine your true passions, skills and dreams to create an exciting and achievable career path in natural health for You. We can often get caught up in what we think we 'should' do or other people's expectations. I can help you get started in your dream career from the get go as I have navigated this dynamic and sometimes unstable path all by myself and would like to share my 'lessons' with you so you can avoid the confusion and build yourself a strong vocation.

I have spent over 30 years since graduating in 1997, only ever working in the Natural Health profession and industry. I started off in the retail health food shop, worked for many companies and travelled throughout Australia. I have enjoyed a variety of clinical practice modalities as well as running my own business, lecturing and am past President of Naturopathy for the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and Australian Ambassador for the International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine (ICNM).

My jobs have ranged from self-run business, multi-modality clinical practice, strategic planning for companies, manufacturing, distribution, technical writing, educational course design, lecturing, university research and much more.


Mentoring sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements. They can be held as often as you require. 


Get some extra support in final year clinic. Understand the phytochemistry and herbal actions better. Learn how to apply energetic models to your cases, and much more.



From clinical made extemporaneous formulations, to professional finished products. Be guided through the legal and technical requirements of the profession and industry.



Get inspired with support from someone who knows the profession and industry of natural medicine very, very well.

Having started studying Naturopathy in the grass roots study era of 1993, I have over 30 years of experience and training in the profession. I hold a Masters of Herbal medicine from Sydney University 2010 and am currently enrolled in Doctorate studies.

I have seen so many changes in this dynamic profession! My speciality is helping you to find your way, what makes you unique as a practitioner, researcher or creative in natural medicine, with a focus on how to make your ideas come to fruition. 

If you are interested, but not sure if I am the mentor for you - then contact me to set up a complimentary discovery call where we can meet online and discuss what you are looking for.


Mentoring with Elizabeth

Career Discovery

A truly extraordinary and unique explorative mentoring session that will inspire you.

Uncover your individual strengths, dreams, goals, passions and abilities for your vocational happiness with this unique process.

Developed to enable you to discover your dream career, this session incorporates the best strategic business techniques and analytical practices. 

My personally designed 4 hour one-on-one mentoring session is a unique process. I do things a little differently... I blend all my knowledge, industry training and life skills to give you an unbiased, individual and confidential understanding of what is in your head and heart and from there create your future.

I look at your Iridology, Astrology, perhaps Tarot if required, to find your unique personality, motivations and constitutional traits and I take you through a series of specialised activities to get you to the end result of seeing your career path light up in front of you.

I want you to have an unbridled passion of inner strength and confidence for your career in Natural Health. I do this to support you and strengthen our profession.

Combine your dreams and goals into your life purpose and see the true vision for your vocation.

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Business Building

The only true measure of success is bringing your dreams and goals into reality.

Mentoring sessions are held as either 6 consecutive or on an as needed basis in-clinic or online.

Get support for your project every step of the way.

Set up a clinic, create a product, write a book, create a workshop, and bring your ideas to life!

Inspire yourself and develop a unique business structure and strategy that is individually yours.

Brand management, strategic planning, business ideas, industry connections, compliance advice and much more...

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certifications and points are applicable.

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The Apprentice


Designed for students and practitioners who want to focus on a particular topic or review clinical cases. Offered as a pack of 6 sessions or an as needed basis.

With 30 years experience in many different areas of the natural health profession, I draw on this to find out what options are available to you. 

Career discovery: Find out where your strengths and innate talents can take you in the exciting field of natural health

Setting up a practice: Includes legal requirements, industry standards, professional responsibility, confidence, develop your strategic planning, marketing, ideas generation

Herbal medicine: Cover plant chemistry, energetics, herbal actions and treatments, manufacturing methods and case studies

Energetics: Deepen your understanding of herbal energetics, personalities and temperaments, includes case studies

Aromatherapy: Learn about essential oils and how to use your favourites in clinic

Iridology: Get a foundational understanding of iris analysis and gain confidence in your interpretation skills

Case reviews: Workshop that complex client and together we can find the key that unlocks the case

Product development: Create your own product, ingredient and formulation ideas, marketing plan, branding, sales support

Study support: Understand your assignments, referencing, review content and study skills development

And more: Including research options, editing, resume development and how to prepare for that dream job! 

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Book a 1:1 Mentoring session

Each session is personally curated to your specific needs. Choose your time and date for your mentoring session.

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Profession and industry knowledge

With over 30 years experience in the field of Natural Medicine, I can I offer you knowledge and support in the following areas: 

  • Unique business ideas - finding your own path

  • Confidence in your own dreams¬†

  • Utilising your individuality in your career

  • Business planning

  • Strategic planning

  • Marketing planning

  • Business name, logo design, byline, colours

  • Elevator pitch

  • Designing flyers and brochures

  • Developing workshops¬†and content

  • Product development

  • Ideas creation

  • Technical writing

  • Research proposals

  • Employment recommendations and letters

  • Legal considerations

  • Association requirements

  • Ethics and scope of practice

  • Western Humoral Energetics

  • Constitutional understandings

  • Tissue states

  • Herbal energetics

  • Iridology signs to look for

  • Nails, tongue and skin signs

  • Different product preparations

  • Manufacturing techniques

  • Plant chemistry

  • Astrological influences

  • Short and long term treatment approaches

  • Individual approaches to compliance

  • Safety and toxicology considerations

  • Clinical and case management strategies

  • And much more!!!

Suitable for final year students, new graduates and practitioners wanting to get back into the profession or develop a new avenue.

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For group mentoring options, check out The Round Table

Join like minded colleagues in a live presentation followed by a facilitated discussion. Includes topics on Energetics, Iridology, Constitutional analysis, Herbal Medicine and much more! 

Technical, practical, theoretical, inspiring, relative information
grounded in traditional and scientific evidence. 



About Me

I am known for my enthusiasm and dedication to embodying traditional and modern medicines, having been in the profession of Natural health for 30 years.

These courses started from a need to keep energetic western herbal knowledge as a part of our practice.

I enjoy all aspects of herbal medicine and revere in the way we can enjoy and benefit from them. All the herbal photos on this website are mine!

Join me on a journey into the world of energetic herbal medicines, self-discovery and growth into enhanced clinical confidence.

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