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Hi, Welcome to Holistic Studio - an original online course and mentoring hub run by myself, Elizabeth Greenwood. 


Holistic Studio is focused on supporting natural health professionals and students with career choices, together with high quality education of traditional approaches and methods within Naturopathic medicine.

All educational events and interactive workshops are uniquely designed to facilitate traditional, grass roots, energetic, practical as well as scientific technical information within the field of natural health.  

Holistic Studio is dedicated to strengthening the Natural Medicine profession as a whole within the paradigm of modern healthcare.

Enjoy browsing my website to understand more about what I can offer you through Holistic Studio. Everything here is original work and is independent and separate from any professional affiliations, colleges, companies or organisations. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Your enquiry will be very welcome.

I began running workshops and mentoring in 2016 by request (and strong encouragement!) from students and colleagues who wished to learn more from me. Many Bachelor of Health Science students would often comment on my unique approach to traditional herbal medicine and Naturopathic concepts, that today are often not well explained or understood. Through my teachings, they discovered a deeper sense of holistic understanding. As a result, they wished to continue to embrace my enthusiasm and heartfelt passion for traditional knowledge. Gradually, I began hosting small group workshops on specific topics which grew to become the popular Holistic Studio endeavours that I offer today. 

Natural health is often referred to as the fastest growing profession and industry. As such, I believe I can help guide this natural momentum towards understanding and applying the true values of holism. Through my mentoring, I help people to find their own unique place in this very evolving field, where they can best apply their skills to thrive. I aim to help you be inspired in your work, to help others, and make positive ripples of difference in the world.

I love working hard as I find a deep connection, meaning and motivation in what I do. I draw on over 30 years of experience and knowledge to guide you with your chosen vocation. 

Combining a light hearted yet frank approach, with a natural ability to think outside the box, I intend for these interactive sessions to empower you with confidence in your professional career.

Professional me

My favourite herb

Me in Nature


Professional Doctorate Balneotherapy Candidate

Master of Herbal Medicine, University of Sydney, 2010
Advanced Diploma of Health Science in Naturopathy, ACNM, 1997
Diploma Botanical Medicine, ACNM, 1997
Diploma Nutritional Medicine, ACNM, 1997
Aromatherapy Certificate IV, ACNM, 1995

Professional Affiliations
Australian and New Zealand Ambassador, ICNM, since 2018
Past National President, ANTA, 2019-2022
Past Senior Lecturer Endeavour College
Current Lecturer and Supervisor Torren's University

The long version - my personal why

Flowers, herbs, scent and adventure have always been a huge part of my life. 
I grew up on the pirate cliffs of Southwest England and moved to the surfing beaches of Australia as a teenager. I have fond memories of helping my Grandma arrange flowers for the church and prepare fresh mint sauce from her garden. I would spend hours roaming the 16th Century vegetable and herb garden on the grounds where we lived. It was so large, I never made it all the way to the back. Perhaps I was side tracked by the foxgloves and poppies! I remember bathing in fields of daffodils, eating fresh raspberries and blackberries from the bramble hedges, using dock to get rid of nettle stings and tirelessly pressing flowers. My roots will always be in that countryside.

I chose Naturopathic study from a yearning to learn and grow. Immediately, I revered at how holistic therapies blended physical science with the mind, emotions and spirit. There was so much to discover here, and I’ve never looked back. 

My tireless passion and motivation for my chosen profession comes from an aspiration to see Natural Health take a strong independent position within everyday healthcare practice. We are in a unique time, a paradox perhaps, where we embrace the evolutionary excitement of natural health research, yet we often find the answers embedded in our ancient knowledge and wisdom. The ability to walk in both the modern and traditional worlds is essential for a balanced understanding.

To create my work/life balance, I can be found dancing, playing music, wandering the countryside with my dog, making herbal concoctions, scouring old libraries, painting, taking photos, or researching ancient legends and stone circles. I practice astrology and tarot; and am known for my love of medicinal bathing and natural thermal mineral springs.

Clinical Practice


My clinical practice focus is looking after artists and creatives. As a natural creative person, it is very important for me to support other people in their creative outlets through managing physical and mental health. This includes artists, musicians, dancers and anyone who is creating their own adventure!

I draw on 30 years experience in the profession and industry as well as my own escapist endeavours into creativity. Managing health and wellness whilst on the road or preparing for a show is something I have practiced many times and embody on a daily basis.

The modalities I use are Herbal medicine, nutrients, diet, aromatherapy, flower essences, bodywork massage, kinesiology and anti-aging treatments.

Sessions are available online or in-person / in-studio. If you are interested in learning more - get in touch.


Get in touch if you would like to work with me

Send me any questions you have. We can set up a discovery call to make sure my mentoring and/or courses are right for you.