Rosa canina infused oil

Oct 11, 2023

Rosa canina. Fresh rosehips picked from the vibing hills around Glastonbury, UK area a few weeks ago. 

I infused them in organic olive oil (best I could find en route) and am straining it this week. 

Rose is such a versatile understated yet potent herb. The fruit is high in vitamin C, flavonoids and of course love. Great for skin health, wound healing and general collagen repair. 

Internally it’s great for the immune system, reducing inflammation and strengthening the micro circulation/capillaries. 

The energetics of rose are slightly cooling and with the oil will be quite hydrating whilst giving a hint of astringency. Just what the skin loves. 

I find the personality of the rose flower to be very different to the fruit. The rose flower is gentle, nurturing and speaks from the heart, working on feminine energy and true self expression; whereas the fruit is direct, colourful, vibrant and ready to put on an all day party (or warrior) face. 


I made some for the people whose place I stayed. It came with a strength warning to use sparingly. Pretty sure this is as organic and strong as they get. 

Many people use rosehip oil on the skin but it should be used with frequent breaks, otherwise it can have the opposite effect where it appears to ‘burn’ the skin causing a rosacea looking irritation. 

I’ll let you know how the extraction goes…