Salvia officinalis

Sep 26, 2023

Sage, Salvia officinalis, was one of the herbs I did a big monograph assignment on in my Masters program at Sydney University. I was fascinated by the number of species found in the Salvia Genus. Since then (2010) Rosemary has also joined the Salvia Genus!

This is a quick video of the wonderful sage leaves. Found on an organic garden, these leaves measure about 10cm each and the pebbly soft texture is evident. Pubescent in botany means a texture of hair on the leaf. I picked a few leaves and am currently drying them next to a log fire. I will wrap them up into sage sticks and intend to burn them in the caves that I will be visiting soon. 

Sage is a herb that is complex in its plant chemistry, known for its high tannin content, I love it for its pungent essential oil, being high in thujone and camphor. Sage has the ability to clear the air, assisting in clear thinking, allowing purity of thought and clarity of ideas. It helps digestion, calms over active heat and can dry out excessive damp.

Sage is gentle when used at a low dose, but I think it is only needed for a short amount of time. Adverse effects are usually seen with high dose or longer term use. Sage is here for a short time, to clear the air, get your thinking in order, and move on to the next idea!

I liken Sage to have affinity with the element of air. It is light, pungent, moving, thoughtful and good to cleanse the air. Use the wisdom of sage to highlight the best way to focus on your next project.