The Round Table is a mentoring group focused on exploring the concepts of traditional and modern approaches to Natural Therapies and Western Energetic Medicine.

The Round Table is a live and interactive discussion group with a presentation. It is held once a month and is a great opportunity to discuss your practice and cases through the energetic lens.

Get in-depth information about how Western humoral energetics can apply to your cases and develop your understanding of your clients as well as the energetics model.

Join like minded colleagues with a half hour presentation focusing on theories from Western Energetics, followed by a live and interactive discussion on Energetics, Iridology, Diet, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Constitutional analysis and so much more!

Discuss your cases through the Western Energetic paradigm with likeminded colleagues.

Facilitated by Elizabeth Greenwood.

Online learning
& mentoring

Innovative, practical, theoretical,
inspiring, relative and grounded
in traditional evidence. 



Each month we focus on a system, condition, constitution or symptom presentation.

This course provides a unique approach as it combines the energetics the influence of evidence based medicine and incorporating energetics into your existing clinical skill set. From many years of teaching and many more questions, I have come to understand that these are the topics we can discuss in more detail for each disease presentation. 

  • Review the variance of symptoms and conditions presented in different humoral constitutions.
  • Learn how to treat them energetically with herbal, dietary and lifestyle actions.
  • Discuss the latest research, therapeutic supplements and traditional principles with like-minded colleagues.
  • Learn all about the temperament qualities and the tangible effects of energetic herbal medicines.

Choose your Naturopathic remedies with greater skill, wisdom and confidence.


Monthly presentation with notes, focusing on clinically relevant information. Access on your desktop or mobile.


Ask any questions, learn from each other and review cases live with your colleagues. Assist your energetic knowledge in practice



CPE hours, professional association endorsed and recognised. Technical and practical information covered. 

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From many years of teaching Naturopathic medicine, and from many questions in that time, I have come to understand that discussing energetics can really enhance your practice skills. Topics we will cover:

  • Western Humoral Energetics
  • Constitutional understandings
  • Tissue states
  • Herbal energetics 
  • Iridology signs to look for
  • Nails, tongue and skin signs
  • Different product preparations
  • Manufacturing techniques
  • Plant chemistry reviews
  • Astrological influences
  • Short and long term treatment approaches
  • Individual approaches to compliance
  • Safety and toxicology considerations
  • Clinical and case management strategies
  • and much more!

Suitable for Qualified Naturopaths and Herbalists and final year students. A prior understanding of pharmacology, herbal medicine and consultation skills is required for this group.

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