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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Q – What is the difference between the online course or face to face workshops?
The online course is equivalent to a number of the workshops combined. The workshops are intensive, practical and interactive. However, the workshops are specifically focused on certain practical skills and understandings, whereas the online course allows us to explore the concepts further. All the practical skills and content learnt in the workshops is covered in the online course. The online course is also interactive and runs over 6 months to support the integration and practice of the knowledge and skills. The online courses will go into the theory a little more as it is over 18 hours, whereas the workshop is a content filled 6-12 hours. Either course or workshop will give you the confidence to using certain skills immediately and effectively.
Q – Are the courses accredited?
You will receive a certificate for Continued Professional Education (CPE) hours at the end of each course or workshop. This is continuing education and you can use the knowledge in your practice, however, it is not a formal qualification that can be used independently. The courses are endorsed and recognised by the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) as being reputable and reliable standards of CPE education. CPE will usually be recognised by your insurer (although each insurer is different). These courses are endorsed by ANTA which shows the level of education provided, and something insurers will recognise, but to be sure you will have to check with your individual insurer. 
Q - Do you receive a certificate at the end of either the course or workshop? 
You will receive a completion certificate highlighting the number of Continued Professional Education (CPE/CPD) hours at the end of each course or workshop. These can be used for your association CPE requirements.
Q – Do you have to be a health professional to take the courses?
Courses will mention if they are for health professionals, health profession students or interested members of the public. The information and education contained within these courses will be tailored to suit the audience and ability to apply the skills.

Q – Can you learn practical skills online?
All of the practical skills and content learnt in the workshops is covered in the online course. I have taught online for many years in classes and for seminars. The feedback has been that I create a good ‘live’ feeling environment so we can still have great discussions and it will feel like being in the room of a workshop (as much as possible!).
Q – What happens if I cannot make a live session? Is it recorded?
The webinars, presenting the content to focus on and learn that month, and module webinars  are recorded and you can play them back anytime. The LIVE DISCUSSION is the only part that is NOT recorded. This is because we will be discussing cases and concepts and I want everyone to have their cameras on and feel they can speak freely in this session. If there are a few people that cannot make the LIVE DISCUSSION, another discussion will be arranged at another time in the month, this is dependent on availability. The LIVE DISCUSSIONS will be recorded into a summary review and this will be uploaded if you cannot make it.  
Q – What is included in the course?
Courses have presentation notes, recipes, resources, questionnaires and more related to each topic. These will be highlighted on the course module. Each course has interactive resources, pre-recorded webinars and access to a community discussion forum where you can discuss the topics freely.
Q – I am not an expert in the topic, or I am still studying, will the course be suitable for me?
The skills and information presented are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners looking to operate within a workable framework. They are practical and you are supported each step of the course. Each topic focuses on the holistic understanding of health and therefore is refreshing for students and practitioners alike.
Q – What if I have any questions about the course, is there support available?
Yes. It is best to email in regards to any support required for your course. A direct reply will be provided within 12 hours, usually within an hour. Questions regarding course access will be addressed immediately. Questions about the content of the course will be addressed through the community forum for the benefit of everyone, provided with permission of course. 
Q – Will you run the courses again?
These courses will run twice a year. If you are interested in a course, register your interest and the dates will be sent to you. 
Q – What is your mentoring experience? 
I have been mentoring natural health students and graduates for over 15 years. All my sessions are highly confidential so I do not disclose who has been mentored by me. I focus on the career support and discovery of natural health professionals, helping people to refine their focus in clinic, research or create a whole new idea and offering for natural therapies.
Q – What options do you have for payment for the courses and workshops?
Courses can be paid in full or 6 monthly payments. Holistic Studio is dedicated to providing quality and experienced education at attainable prices. There are no further discounts.  
Q – Will I receive an invoice for this course?
Yes you will receive a tax invoice for the course once full payment is received.  
Q – What is your refund or cancellation policy?
If you wish to cancel an online course must do so within the first 30 days of the course start date. Cancellation up to 7 days after the launch date will be refunded at 100% of the registration price, minus any external payment processing fees. Cancellation between 7 and 30 days after the launch date will be refunded at 80% of the registration price, minus any external payment processing fees. After 30 days, there will be no refunds available. Students enrolled with a payment plan are responsible for paying for the course in full. Payments for payment plans are withdrawn automatically each month. No refunds or cancellation of payment plans will occur for students who have accessed 50% or more of any course within the first 30 days of enrolment. Should there be a declined or failed payment, students must manually confirm the payment through their student account. Holistic Studio will perform multiple automated attempts to collect the payment of a failed or overdue installment to fulfill this agreement until accounts with failed payments are paid in full. If a failed or declined payment is not paid within 3 months, Holistic Studio reserves the right to cancel the student’s enrollment entirely and remove access to the course, including any and all course progress to date. In this case, students will not be refunded previous payments made towards the course. To continue with the course, students shall be required to re-enroll in the course without payment credit for past payments.
Q – Are there assessments or exams in the course?
At this stage there are no compulsory assessments or exams. There are suggestions and recommendations to enhance your learning and skills development. It is your choice to do the projects.
Q – How long do I have access to the course content?
Please refer to the course information pages for detailed information. For the 6-month online courses, you have access to the course content for one year from start of course date. You will have lifetime access to the online community forum for the course you are enrolled in.
Q – Are these courses available outside of Australia?
Yes, these courses are available internationally. The mentoring sessions can also be offered Internationally. Topics covered in the courses can also be offered in these one-on-one sessions. Enquire directly for more information.

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